Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sitting 1: Setting up Android Studio

When people describe me, "PATIENT" is one term which is not often used. So rather than keeping tab of my progress in days, I would rather resort to Sitting.

Sittings - The time, I calmly sit my ass down and focus on learning the basics of Android development.

So, first I chose to use Android Studio as the IDE of choice, and it looks pretty convincing as well.

Features of Android Studio

Downloading the IDE
  1. Go to Android Studio and click the link to download.
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions, (which I blindly did), and wait for the 1.1 GB download to complete.
  1. When the download started, I was redirected to a page which stated that I must havea  JDK version 6 or higher. 
  2. I downloaded it from Java website.

    Note - To check if you have JDK installed (and which version), open a terminal and type javac -version. If the JDK is not available or the version is lower than version 6, download the Java SE Development Kit 7
  3. Then the run the exe file to install JDK 1.7.
Installing Android Studio
  1. I ran the Android studio executable and